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Lost River, New Hampshire

By vb gilbert                    July 22.2021
Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves run along a brook that drains from the south east. They are located in the White Mountains at Kinsman Notch,  New Hampshire
The brook disappears into a narrow, steep-walled glacial gorge. Large blocks of granite partially cover the brook that cascades along its subterranean course. It emerges and joins with the Pemigewasset River, which flows south from Franconia Notch.
Getting there is straight forward, Take exit 32 for NH-112 toward N Woodstock/Lincoln. Turn right onto NH-112 W for 6 miles and the location will be on the right at 1712 Lost River Rd 03262. Read more


Historic House Plaque

by  vb gilbert        January 1, 2021

The restoration of an historic house plaque is described in this post. Presumably the former owners of the house had procured the commemoration from the local society. Getting a new plaque didn't seem right. While It was a challenge, we happily brought it back to life. Read more


Insightful Hannah sketchbooks 

A series about aristic development

In the summer of 2020 we explored the idea of e books. Various collections of drawings were just hanging around. This story resulted from efforts to make something productive out of them. After studying the pictures, the story naturally came together just as the drawings had. It is a journey that mirrors the steady development of the artist Betsy G. 
All of the content is original in her publications. A series of Sketchbooks emerged that portray the growth of a self taught artist. Persistent and intuitive drawing has payed off. 
These books chronicle the artistic and emotional development of a young artist. Our intention is to encourage others to excel in their natural talent. Dream Big to achieve your goals.


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Gilbert Music

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Graphic Art

"After math" is the result of manipulating images. Dystopian world or brain fog after algebra class?

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Acrylic on Paper

Some people have an artistic flair that naturally presents itself during childhood. 

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Concept Art

Use your imagination with these Si Fi diorama supplies. Sculpt art designed to make 6 inch figures feel at home.

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