This is surmised to be the Fine Art of writing. Some of what we produce is worth sharing.

                rear window '54

the women retreat into shadows that men of darkness cast

they unwittingly seek shelter in space that consumes them

men hiding in shade use light as a weapon against their foe

to reveal the blindness in love which we seek to overcome 

Day at the Zoo

These are some of the animals we saw   

 you didn't see what i saw

do they revel themselves to us on purpose? passive observers are inherently disadvantaged. there must be intent on their part. we can only stand, watching the u shaped sillouette as it consumes itself into an envelope of the cloud. its reemergence is in an alternate dimension.

come, join the club you didn't entend to. where  a choosen few have witnessed all possibility sliding in and out of our realm. the magnificent presence of the vision is awe inspiring such that no description can do it justice. a quickening of the spirit grasps the unprovable moment.  
what is an appropriate answer to their call? even as a happenstance, to remain idle is remiss. try to overcome the marginalization of disbelief, each has a recounting of the fleeting event.  remain open minded as its the reason for the invitation. eagerly await the next transmission.
distant hum
hazy memory freeze

wander through a worn factory searching for the pneumatic press that
incessantly streams a strophic cadence. service elevators at either
end are open, muffling chambers. muted light passes through the oil
clouded widows. we can only see that it is a multistory building. the
tall, long rooms of wood and brick conduct reverberations.

which floor does the lone operator toil? we thought the last order
had been filled, time was thought to be full. the production runs
were completed to the satisfaction of the master. are we mistaken, is
their more work to do? so many rows of idle machines patiently wait
for inspiration. these silent servants are to be called upon no more.

the drafty air perpetuates an unsettling chill. floor after floor, room after room the search continues to no avail. stark stairwells echo the movements of two into a cacophony that reflects the life pursuits of each inhabitant. a
16 bpm final walk through, in slow motion, reveals the oxygen
compressor bellows faithfully sounding off..

we can see now... the pace is set yet the racer slows down, no rush to
finish. some stop to reflect and celebrate. the congregation swells
as the respirations decrease. others simply move on, unattached to
the value of quiet, final moments. repelled by the reality of our
journey. in the meantime, together we sit, joyfully doing our duty.

three concepts run through my head. a convergence of vector space, wave
forms and music theory coagulate momentarily. the trio then quickly
flees to the outer limits of reason. i see them afar, hovering over
the system they run. from their orderly efforts the comfort rains
down, humming a familiar resonance that calls from home. trust and
let go, unfettered by the flesh.

to the non chosen the tones harbor discomfort as the lord is absent.  yet
the counselor in waiting is ever present. from their prison they need
to be released, if only to be delivered into the bondage they chose.
the new covenant entails the holy spirit counselor, endowed to each
being. participation is optional yet pronouncement of judgment is
required. the jailer key is held by the man nailed to a tree. your
hands have been freed and enabled to do the work of finishing the
creative algorithm. the fruition of time is assisted on earth through
the psyche of humankind. spirit is a container within which rebellion
is quelled.

there comes a time, if you are so blessed, when inner
strength overrides the physical body.

through the will...directed by the will, heart and mind
raise up the soul as a present to God.

the believers psyche is a submissive facilitator. the non
called psyches refuse to acquiesce.


the moon is earths dancing partner whirling as the dervish to the delight of the sun

the rate of spin correlates to the object proper and its interplay with symbiotic harmonizers

note the purity, simplicity and completeness of the triad relationship

the mysticism surrounding this system is a shroud created by conventional wisdom

the sun is as god, the earth as christ and the moon as humanity

humanity is an offshoot relying upon the holy spirit for inclusion

the moon is a cantilever balanced by the acceptance of christ

within the solar systems sphere of influence the barren coexists with the fruitful

our most intimate partner provides nothing more than a pivot point in space