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SubmitEnj jpeg, wav or mp3 file to be considered for self publishing.oy the original artwork of Betsy G . New ways of expression seem to surface in waves as she develops her craft.

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A girl portrayed through pink and green as her mind wanders back to the summer of watermelon skies.

My goal is to identify with the character. I try to inject some sense of humanity. A back story or the emotions they convey offers a grounded feeling. 

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ImageeBooks   Betsy G
ImageKepler 90h  Vechal
ImagePoetry   Betsy G
ImageFine Art  Betsy G

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Oil Pastel

This  9x11 work is called Elizabeth Gaze. At first I wanted to draw a young girl in different colors but it kinda just developed on its own. It turned into the basic outline of a woman emerging from clouds of color. I like this piece because it has magical vibes and the colors pop against the white background.




This is a character drawing I worked on. I was trying to work on silhouettes and the face structure.


Colors of Life


A finger painting using acrylic to portray an abstract peacock with vibrant colors.

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An array of original works


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