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Surmised to be the Fine Art of writing, some of our work is worth sharing

 rear window '54

the women retreat into shadows that men of darkness cast

they unwittingly seek shelter in space that consumes them

men hiding in shade use light as a weapon against their foe

to reveal the blindness in love which we seek to overcome 

Day at the Zoo

These are some of the animals we saw

 you didn't see what i saw

do they revel themselves to us on purpose? passive observers are inherently disadvantaged. there must be intent on their part. we can only stand, watching the u shaped silhouette as it consumes itself into an envelope of the cloud. its reemergence is in an alternate dimension.

come, join the club you didn't intend to. where  a choosen few have witnessed all possibility sliding in and out of our realm. the magnificent presence of the vision is awe inspiring such that no description can do it justice. a quickening of the spirit grasps the unprovable moment.  
what is an appropriate answer to their call? even as a happenstance, to remain idle is remiss. try to overcome the marginalization of disbelief, each has a recounting of the fleeting event.  remain open minded as that is the reason for the invitation. eagerly await the next transmission.

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